Shore Crossing Construction

OES is now offering to it's subsea pipeline construction Clients complete shore crossing construction, cable laying and PLEM/SBM installation .

This is so that our main Clients, which specialise in laying subsea pipelines, can completely sub-contract all of the near shore works out to one contractor.

OES is already the world leader in the trenching of subsea pipeline shore crossings and has the in-house capability and experience of its personnel whom have over 105 years of laying subsea pipelines, pre-dredging and installing shore crossings.

OES's two catamaran barges, "Buaya Besar" in Indonesia and "Grande Jacare" in brazil are easily converted to cutter/suction dredge barges.

We have recently added to our Fleet our cable lay barge "Anaconda", a 3000 tonne display, 65m x 20m cable lay barge soon to be filled with a DP system.

We are currently building a 300 tonne pull hydraulic linear winch system for pulling shore crossing pipelines and a pipe lay barge in Indonesia.

An association with Lakin Offshore Malaysia has been established for pigging, testing, drying and nitrogen purging of pipelines.

The following pipeline shore crossing construction activities are be offered by OES:

  • Pipeline Construction Engineering
  • Pipe Yard Civil Works
  • Pipeline Storage Racks
  • Pipeline Rollers and Installation
  • Welding
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Field Joint Coating
  • Weight Coat Application
  • Pipeline Pulling
  • PLEM/SBM Installation
  • Lay Barge Installation
  • Pigging, Testing, Drying, Purging
  • Pre-Dredging
  • Backfilling
  • Geotechnical survey and soil sampling
  • Geophysical survey
  • Bathymetry, side scan, sub-bottom
  • Magnetic anomaly survey

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