Equipment Development

OES, since 1992, has had to take on significant challenges in subsea pipeline trenching and engineering including the following world first achievements:

  1. Deepest water depth : 400 meters
  2. Deepest trench depth : 7 meters
  3. Largest pipeline : 2 meters
  4. First diverless system
  5. First DPV vessel use
  6. Hardest rock strength : 35 mpa ucs
  7. Roughest seas : 7 meters
  8. Roughest shore approach seas : 3 meters
  9. First to un-bury and stress relieve existing pipelines including horizontal drilled shore crossings.

To achieve this OES has had to be a leader in the research and development of new mechanical and instrumentation systems.

Systems developed by OES have included a range of Centrifugal water pumping skids up to 1,200 horsepower with pressures from 300 psi to 1,000 psi. Hydraulic systems developed by OES include 20 tonne hydraulic heave compensators, 350 horsepower hydraulic power packs, 20 tonne winches, 40 tonne luffing "A" frames, hydraulic driven submersible pumps, rock trenching cutter machines and a range of remote sensing instrumentation systems. These have included the monitoring of equipment position, equipment tilt/roll, pull forces, pressures and trench depth and geometry. The OES Mechanical Facilities Division will now be offering similar systems for hire or purchase and will also be offering their services to the Australian mining business.

Oil & Gas Engineering

In the early to mid 1990's Lincoln Consulting was rapidly becoming an Australasion leader in the multi-discipline design of oil and gas, transportation and loading systems including pipelines, pumping, compression, metering, pressure reduction and ship loading systems. Lincoln Consulting for this third party work was side lined in favour of assisting OES for a more lucrative market. The OES mechanical division, now also provides the design, fabrication and installation of skid mounted pumping, compression, metering and pressure reduction stations.

Equipment Offered for Purchase or Hire

Facilities offered for sale or rental include the following:

  • Large powered diesel or motor driven Centrifugal pump units for water or flammable liquids with pressures up to 450 psi (3,000 kPa) and flow rates to 5,000 usgpm (18,000 litres per minute).
  • High pressure skid mounted Centrifugal pumps for water jetting or boiler tube cleaning to 2,000 psi and up to 2,000 usgpm (7,500 litres per minute).
  • Hydraulic power packs to 500 horsepower (375 kw) up to 5,000 psi.
  • Offshore hydraulic heave compensators to minimise excessive jerk loading from marine vessel surge and heave.
  • Hydraulic winches to 20 tonne.
  • Hydraulic luffing A-frames to 40 tonne.
  • Submersible multi-stage axial flow pumps to 300 psi (2,000 kPa) either electric or hydraulic operated.
  • Hydraulic driven rock cutting heads.
  • Air tugger winches 7 and 10 tonne.
  • Hiab type hydraulic cranes 2 tonne capacity.
  • Gas metering equipment skid mounted units.
  • Gas compressors.
  • Gas pressure reduction stations.

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