Free Fuel Offer

Yes, we still have places left with our free fuel offer.

If you get your CNG conversion carried out by our experts, you will receive 12 months of FREE FUEL at our Aspendale Gardens Service Station. That’s right – all the CNG you can use for a whole year.(Some conditions apply)
Just imagine not having to pay for your fuel for all that time!   

We are a registered licensed CNG installation workplace and carry out research and development work on various vehicle platforms as well as providing CNG installations throughout Australia.

Our staff are qualified and licensed engineers and technicians and these are the only people you should have working on your CNG vehicle conversion.

The CNG system we fit is always the best one for your vehicle. We do not just fit any old parts, we install the right system for your engine size and type so you get the very best performance, the best reliability, the best cost savings and the best emissions outcomes that you can possibly obtain.

A conversion for a 6 cylinder vehicle with a 90litre tank is $3400 and for a 4 cylinder car is $3195 and that too is with a 90 litre tank.

These are true bi - fuel systems and you can use either petrol or CNG so you won’t get stranded. The engine starts on ULP, switches automatically to CNG  and then when the CNG cylinder is empty it will seamlessly switch back to ULP.

Typically if you travel about 20,000klm per year you can expect cost recovery – that is the dollars you have saved versus the dollars that the conversion cost – of just on 12 months and if you keep your car for 5 years then you will save $11,000. Yes that’s right, by investing such a small amount you can enjoy savings of $11,000. And whilst these figures are based on today’s dollars just remember that the price of unleaded and diesel and LPG will shortly be on the rise, and none of us know precisely what price a litre of petrol or diesel or LPG is going to cost even in 3 months time, let alone 2013. But YOU do because the cost of CNG is locked in until April of that year! Oh, and if you don’t take up – or miss out on - the free fuel offer you will still have the same low price and a pay back term of just 21 months.

But please consider this.

We can guarantee the price of CNG will not change for the next 3 years and guess what? It’s the same price that you will see at the Service Station right now. You know you can fill your car for about $10.00!! How good is that?  Oh sure, you have to fill more often because the range is not as good as petrol but heck, if you are saving $11,000 over a 5 year period don’t you think it is worth that? And the bonus is that you can see our friendly staff on those extra visits. You don’t have to be in rocket science to understand all that do you? I’m sure you don’t.

But wait …   there is more.



And here it is..

We will shortly have our home refueller on the market so you can fill up at home! Yes, that’s right! You can purchase a home refuelling unit that sits outside your garage and you simply come home, plug in the fill hose, “set and forget” and the system automatically fills your car in about 3 - 4 hours. And now you get your petrol bill on your gas bill.

One of our staff members carrying out field trials does that and you know what it costs him? Just .0.5 cents per kilometre for his fuel.

We can offer finance packages to help you get all these advantages and that still makes good economic sense.

Why not drop us an email to or call us on 9533 8703 and we can run some numbers for you and tell you exactly what your savings will be over time. What have you got to lose? Nothing. And what have you got to gain? Lots.

But when the price of petrol and diesel and LPG start to rise,- the price of ULP and diesel and LPG went UP 10c per litre in just one week recently - try to imagine the smile on your face as you drive by! And remember that the savings indicated above will only get better and save you more with each price hike you see these other fuels making in order to keep up with world demand.
And also you will be saving valuable overseas funds because we are not having to import more oil, you are helping by keeping people in jobs here in Australia with new technology and local resources. Why give it all to those big global Oil Companies who are not interested in your environment or what it costs you?

So take action, make the right decision and call us today
Phone: (03) 9533 8703

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