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If you get your personal car converted by our staff and have only one 60-80 litre CNG cylinder, you will receive 12 months of FREE FUEL at our Aspendale Gardens Service Station located near Melbourne, Australia on Wells Rd., we will provide you with all of the CNG you can use for a whole year. If you live/work or travel in this area, please call or email us for more information on this incredible offer!


We are a registered, licensed CNG vehicle conversion installation and home refueling solutions provider. We continually conduct research and development on various vehicle platforms as well as provide CNG home refueling installations throughout the USA and in Australia.

Our staff and partners are qualified, licensed engineers and technicians. These are the only people you should have working on your CNG vehicle conversion or installing a CNG home refueling station.

The CNG conversion system we install is always the best one for your vehicle. We do not just fit any old parts, we install the right system for your engine size and type, so you get the very best performance, the best reliability, the best cost savings and the best emissions compliance results that you can possibly obtain anywhere.

These are true bi - fuel systems and you can use either unleaded petrol/gasoline (ULP) or CNG subject to the availability of each fuel where you are at any given time. The engine starts on Gasoline/Petrol, then switches automatically to CNG. If the CNG cylinder goes empty, our systems seamlessly switch back to run on ULP.
We now have our continuously updated and improved home refueling station on the market so you can now fill up at your home or business! You can purchase a home/fleet refueling unit that is installed at your home or business and you simply plug in the fill hose, “set and forget” and the system automatically fills the vehicle in about 2.5 hours. We also offer a “quick fill” storage/dispensing option that allows you to fill your vehicle in about 5 minutes. These solutions will save you an appreciable amount of time, by allowing you to make fewer stops to refuel. Another convenience will be that now, you are saving time and you get your vehicles fuel bill on your natural gas bill.


The conversion cost for a 6 cylinder vehicle with a 60 litre (16 US Gallon equivalent) tank is currently $3400 and for a 4 cylinder vehicle it is $3195 and that is also with a 60 litre tank.

For example, if you travel about 20,000 kilometers (or about 12,000 miles) per year you can expect a payback on your vehicle conversion investment in about 12 months. If you keep your car for 5 years, you will save about $11,000.00!. These figures are based on today’s US dollar. Keep in mind that the price of unleaded gasoline/petrol, diesel and LPG historically has always been on the rise, and none of us knows precisely what the price a litre/US gallon of gasoline/petrol or diesel or LPG equivalent is going to cost, even in 3 months or by the end of this year, due to international political and market price influences on imported petroleum that continues to have a negative impact on consumers and our national economies. But YOU DO… because the cost of CNG is far less volatile and subject to these influences!

You can fill your car with CNG, at home… for about $1 per gallon equivalent of gasoline/petrol. You have to fill more often because the vehicles CNG tank size capacity can be somewhat limited by vehicle cargo space limitations. Our customers get a range of about 166 kilometeres, or about 99 miles on one tank full. But if you are saving $11,000 over a 5 year period, don’t you think it is worth inquiring with us?



Contact one of our staff members to request more information specific to your desired application, to receive a personalized quote and then we will convert your vehicle to our dual-fuel system and/or set-up your home/fleet refueling station, so that you can begin saving time and money right away.

Please email us at or call 61 3 9533 8703 in Australia or 781.763.7264 in the USA and we can provide more information and an estimate to you and estimate what your savings will be over time, given your specific circumstances. We are here to help you!

We can also offer qualified consumers and businesses finance packages designed to fit your budget .


When the price of petrol/gasoline and diesel fuel and LPG start to rise (again) try to imagine the smile on your face as you remember that your savings will only get better and you will save more with each price increase you see these other fuels making in order to keep up with world demand.
Also you will be keeping the money you spend in the country you live in because you’ll be contributing to not having to import more oil, you’ll be helping your country and local economy, by keeping people in jobs and utilizing emerging new technology and local resources. Why should we give all of our money to the big global Oil Companies who are not interested in our environment or what it costs us?

So take action, make the right decision and contact us today
email us at or call 61 3 9533 8703 in Australia or 781.763.7264 in the USA


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