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OES, previously known as Ocean Engineering Systems, world leader in subsea pipeline trenching, and it's subsidiary oil and gas engineering consultancy, Lincoln Consulting, has diversified and expanded it's range of services to include a wide range of oil and gas engineering systems and optimum energy solutions, the new meaning of OES.

OES now consists of five divisions, Subsea Pipeline Trenching, Pipeline Shore Crossing and Subsea Cable Construction, Deep Water Diverless Construction, Naval Engineering Design & Construction and now Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Systems.

The five divisions will now be managed through five regional areas, OES Far East, OES S.E Asia, OES Australia, OES India & Middle East and OES Gulf Atlantic.

A Mr. Bill Lincoin has been appointed as Regional Director of S.E.Asia, Mr. James Yoon as Regional Director of the Far East, Mr. David Soh as Regional Director of Singapore, and Mr. Tuyen Hua as Regional Director of the Gulf Atlantic area.

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